How we do it

Through a collaboration of in house expertise and specialist consultant partners, we help you create exceptional and inspiring office space which meets your future business needs.


Starting with an in depth analysis of how you work, workplace consultancy follows a data driven approach to understanding workplace culture, departmental interactions, work styles and functional space needs.

Using that data to identify and implement improvements that balance space efficiency with staff wellbeing, engagement and productivity. Whatever your needs, our team will support you through your entire journey towards positive workplace change.

  • Collaborate

    Understand your business experiences, culture and needs. Define objectives, identify challenges and build the team.
  • Provide Technical Expertise

  • Act Sustainably

  • Champion Quality

  • Add Value

  • Drive Success

Our approach

Our approach

What is soft landings?

Soft Landings is a strategy that ensures the transition of buildings from construction into occupation is problem free and that operational performance is optimised.

The framework of activities, originally developed by The Building Services Research and Information Association (BSRIA), had a substantial update in 2022 to provide focus on the unique approach required for fit out projects. We have been instrumental in the development of the published industry guide BG81/2022 and adopt the methods ‘as standard’ for all our projects.

The fit out soft landings stages are

Initial Page Turn




Initial Aftercare

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